Friday, June 26, 2009

The first 24 hours

Roscoe spent all day yesterday sleeping. I think he was comfortable, cool and on cloud nine because he was inside. He's also still on the mend, so I think he'll be lounging for the next several days.
When I picked up Kennedy from school, I told her on the way home that Roscoe was inside now. I reminded her that he is an old puppy dog and is fragile like Grandma Faye. (Grandma Faye is 83... Roscoe is 84 - more on that in another post)

So when she walked in the house, she tip-toed around. He was still sleeping in mine and Chris' bedroom so she didn't actually see him in the house before swimming lessons. After she got home from lessons, the poor boy was still sleeping. Finally, after dinner and bath time, he wandered out into the living room. At that point, Brady was in bed so they didn't get a chance to see each other.

But Kennedy was awake and watching a movie in the office. Since I knew a meltdown was looming, I went into the office and told Kennedy to come out into the living room with me.

"Why mommy?"

"Because I want you to see someone."


"Just come with me."


We hold hands and start walking into the hallway. She sees a furry black object and starts whimpering. I remind her that she is not allowed to scream.

"Kennedy, I understand you're afraid. It's okay to be scared. But do not scream."

"But mommy I DON'T want to get close to him."

"Okay, you don't have to."

Office door slams. She peers through the glass of the french doors to make sure the coast is clear. About 20 minutes later, I open the doors to the office and just ask that she please leave the doors open. She has this panic look on her face and timidly answers, "Okaaaay."

I walk away. A few minutes later, she walks into the living room very slowly. She sees me and Chris sitting on the couch and searches the room for Roscoe. He is laying on the floor by the windows and doesn't even hear her walk in. Kennedy quickly jumps on the couch and into her daddy's arms.
Again, no movement from Roscoe. Chris explains to her (for the 100th time) that Roscoe is not going to chase her, bite her, maul her, bark at her, etc. I walk past Roscoe into our bedroom and Kennedy decides she wants to follow me, but that means walking past "him." She gets up the courage and does it, staring at him the whole time. A huge smile comes across her face and you can tell she's pleased with herself. We praise her for being brave. Now that it's bedtime, we tell her it's time to walk back to her bathroom to brush her teeth. I guess she didn't want to walk with her back to him because she immediately asked her daddy for a piggyback ride.
This morning, Brady came face to face with Roscoe. At his young age, he has no fear. Brady walked right up to him and started talking to him.

"Hiyah... baba dada yah!"

Roscoe just looked at him and Brady kept talking to him. They'll be fast friends. I have no doubt about that. They even had breakfast together. Brady talked to him through the entire meal.

When Kennedy surfaced this morning, she walked around the house timidly but didn't panic or scream. And in fact, when she got ready to leave for school this morning, she turned to me and said.. "Mommy, I want to blow Roscoe a kiss." She turned around, walked into the living room, got within five feet of him and blew him a kiss.... and then said to herself, "I love that big 'ol puppy dog." Me, too.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My first child

My first child has been through quite a bit with me. We've gone through some tough times together, not knowing life would take us to far off places like Maine and Boston. We have a lot of history together. This sweet child is loving, loyal and these days - he needs my personal care and attention.

I adopted Roscoe from the pound in Ruston when I was a junior at Louisiana Tech. Everyone told me adopting a puppy while I was in college was not a good idea. I didn't listen. I wanted one, so I got one. True, it wasn't the smartest idea because animals cost a lot of money to maintain. They need a lot of attention, space to run and play. But I wasn't listening to them. I adopted him anyway and he has been with me every since. That was 12 years ago.

Since then, he was taken the journey to Maine with me. He rode in the back seat of my white Camry (which I also still have) for three days to get there. Each night on that long drive, I snuck him into hotel rooms. That's extremely difficult when you have a dog that is scared of tile floors. At one hotel, he yelped SO loud about walking on tile that I thought we were going to get busted!

It was not easy having him in Maine. Finding a landlord that will allow a 100 pound dog to live in an apartment was a challenge. At one point, I thought I was going to have to give him away because he kept getting lose from the runner in the backyard of one place I lived. So to find him a new home, I put an ad in the paper and a family came to meet him and wanted to "test" him for a weekend to see how well he would manage in their home. I cried my eyes out and decided to keep him, no matter what.

When we moved back to the south, he spent another three days in the car with me. Chris has learned to love him... but not nearly as much as I do. Chris is more of a cat person. But I think Roscoe has found a special place in Chris' heart.

So Chris, Roscoe and I became a family and lived in Texas for several years together. In that time, Roscoe had two surgeries and many health issues, but since he was our only baby - we did whatever it took and spent whatever was necessary to make him better. Shortly after Kennedy was born - I decided to make Roscoe an outside dog. He has spent some time inside, but not much. I didn't want Kennedy to crawl around in dog hair and I also really felt like I was protecting her. Roscoe has never bitten anyone, but I was an EXTREMELY overprotective first-time mom. Everything had to be perfect with regards to Kennedy... and that meant no animals in the house. If you know me very well, then you know I have an obsessive personality. I'm very particular about some things. I have a tendency to be "anal." (Sorry, I know that's not PG-rated, but I can't think of another way to describe it!). Anyway, I am trying to break those tendencies. Some days are easier than others.

Since the time that Roscoe moved outside, Kennedy has developed a severe phobia to animals. And over the past few years, Roscoe's health has deteriorated quite a bit. Being 12 years old (84 in human years) means he's slow moving and pretty sedentary. When we moved into our new house in October, we set up a kennel and dog house for him and recently we put a tarp over it for shade. But even with those measures, he looked miserable.

So the LaPierre family is taking on a new adventure. Despite Kennedy's panic attacks around Roscoe, I decided that Roscoe needs to come live inside the house with us. (Notice I said "I decided." I don't think Chris is as happy about this as I am.) I don't want Kennedy to scream bloody murder every time she comes in contact with an animal. And I don't want to lose Roscoe in the next few years. My predictions? Roscoe will be the happiest dog on the planet. Kennedy will be a very unhappy little girl .... but only for a few days.

PLEASE FOLKS - don't think I am torturing my daughter on purpose! 99% of her screaming fits are PURE DIVA. When we lived in our rent house, we had to bring Roscoe inside for a few weeks because of the severe rainstorms last spring. The rent house was HALF the size of our current house. The first few days, Kennedy avoided him like the plague... but after that, she calmed down and learned that he wasn't going to attack her; he wasn't going to bite her; he just wanted to be near us all. Dogs need love, too.

So this morning, I packed up Roscoe in the Camry (which brought back so many memories of our trip to Maine together) and we headed to the vet for our annual vaccines and check up.

I hadn't planned on bringing Roscoe inside until this weekend after his appointment at PetSmart for a good washing and shave. After those appointments, he always smells SO good and is very soft and clean from the shave. But after his appointment today, I decided (notice "I decided" again - didn't really consult with Chris on this one.. sorry honey!) that he needed to come in the house today. Besides the fact that the temperature is supposed to reach 100 degrees today, he had a battery of tests run and I was notified that he has heart worms. On top of that, his thyroid levels are low again and will need to be on daily medication. His arthritis is getting worse, so another daily medication. And his chronic ear infections have turned into a yeast infection. You don't want to know how much the vet bill was.

I told Dr. Lasiter that I was planning to bring Roscoe inside and he thought that was a great idea. He said that if he moves inside and is nursed back to good health - he could probably live another 2 to 3 years.

I cried.

Two to three years? That's all the time I have left?

And thus - Roscoe is inside... TODAY. He was extremely confused when I brought him inside after the vet appointment. When I called him to come inside with me, he stopped and stood in the doorway because normally, that's as far as he is allowed to go.

But when I looked at my sweet dog with tears in my eyes and told him, "Come on buddy.... come in" - he slowly stepped into the laundry room anticipating that I would "shoo" him back out. He doesn't smell the best, but I wiped him down with baby wipes, filled his water bowl, gave him his medicine. And after a few minutes of checking out his new digs, he made himself at home.
Chris e-mailed me just a few minutes ago and told me that Roscoe is doing well and other than a quick water break, he has been sleeping for the past several hours. He is probably enjoying the air conditioning! I have been pretty emotional about him today because of his vet visit. I imagine that will fade the minute Kennedy sees that he's in the house when she comes home from school.....
Pets are family members and while I temporarily lost sight of that, I know now that Roscoe belongs inside with us.... and really, with me. I have had him longer than I have had kids... and longer than I've known Chris! Roscoe really is my oldest child.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Brady's first big boo-boo

Mornings are hectic in our house. Brady wakes up anywhere between 6:00 and 6:30 and he's usually ready to eat. My boy is always hungry. His noises usually wake up Kennedy, who always wakes up groggy. She is VERY slow moving in the morning. Actually, she's slow moving all the time. We cannot make this child move faster on anything, not eating, getting dressed, cleaning her room, brushing her teeth..... I digress.

Back to mornings. Hectic. Packing bags for each of them: Kennedy's for swimming lessons and Brady's with bibs, snacks, etc. Meanwhile, Chris and I TRY to shower and get dressed while juggling the kids. (This is where I would like to say that being a guy is SOOOOOO much easier than being a girl. Chris takes 20 minutes to shower and get dressed. Me? More like an hour when I'm getting ready for work. Can I please shave my head? Having long hair is time consuming. Again, I digress.)

Between Kennedy taking her sweet time and Brady demanding ALL my time, Chris and do our best to get everyone dressed, fed and out the door in one piece.

So, now the point of this lengthy post. This morning was going smoothly until Brady took a tumble in our bathroom and got his head stuck between the tile floor and one of the drawers in our vanity. He cried... and cried... and cried... His falls usually scare him more than anything, but this morning, he ended up with two purplish scratches from having his head stuck under the drawer. We put a cold washcloth on it and tried to calm him down (with Cheerios). You can't see the marks very well in this picture, but as you can tell by his sweet face - he was quite cranky the rest of the morning at home.

His curiosity about what's in mom's vanity drawer got the best of him. Funny thing is, we have a basket FULL of toys in our room for him to play with. But he'd much rather play with round brushes, Biore pore strips, and bottles of hair products. They don't light up or sing to him, but yet he is enthralled with all the adult things in the house. Don't even get me started on our kitchen drawer with Glad containers and lids.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Laundry Lane

With two adults and two children, we have a LOT of laundry. Kennedy has had swimming lessons every night for the past two weeks (with two more weeks to go) so there are wet towels everywhere. Brady is constantly drooling, so he has wet clothes. I work out a few times a week, so in addition to my dirty work clothes, I have dirty work OUT clothes.

So this is what my hallway looked like yesterday afternoon. I call it.... Laundry Lane.

These are the loads that are patiently waiting their turn for the washer. Keep in mind that there is already a load in the washing machine and a load in the dryer.

This does NOT include our bedsheets and regular bathroom towels. Fortunately, my housekeeper is washing those for me today. Thank goodness because that would be another two hours of laundry!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

I have a special place in my heart for my daddy. In fact last year on Father's Day, I wrote a column for The Shreveport Times talking about how a dad doesn't necessarily have to be a blood relative to be a loving father. Daddy adopted me and my sister when we were very little. My biological father died when I was only five years old, so I never really knew him. There is no doubt in my mind that my life would not be as wonderful as it is today without his guidance.

And because of that guidance, I met and married the most amazing man I could have ever imagined. I truly believe God led me to Maine in 1999 where I met this wonderful man. We have been married for eight glorious years and have two amazing children together. Chris is such a loving father. He plays in the floor with the kids, chases them around the house, lets them crawl all over him. He helps me around the house doing laundry, taking the kids to and from school. Working from home has allowed him to help me around the house and for that, I am eternally grateful. I am so in love with this man and I believe we are soul mates.

So on Father's Day, I am blessed beyond measure to have an amazing father, an unbelievable husband, and an adorable son who I know will share these same qualities as his daddy and "Papa" when he grows up.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Art projects

I love art projects and I think that's something I passed along to my daughter. She loves to draw, color, glue, glitter, cut, create..... I hope she will keep this passion.

Here are some recent art drawings. This one Kennedy claims is me in a lake. Apparently I can walk on water.

This one is of an angel, according to the artist. We have been reading a book at night about angels and how little girls should act like little angels by picking up their toys, being nice to their grandparents, not waking the baby, etc. Kennedy loves the book, especially when the angel appears to the little girl who is the main character in the book. The angel helps the little girl realize that her behavior hasn't been the best lately and that she should be helping her mommy by picking up and being nice. At the end of the book, the little girl has been on her best behavior for quite some time and her parents give her an angel necklace. The book comes with a necklace and Kennedy has been wearing it all week.

These next two projects are from Brady. His art isn't quite as story-driven obviously. But in the nursery at school, they do let the babies play in paint every now and then. My favorite is the spring flowers picture with his hand prints. Priceless!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Boston Red Sox Birthday Party

It's no secret that Chris is a Boston Red Sox fan. So what better way to celebrate his son's first birthday party than with a Red Sox themed party at the ballpark?
It was hot as blazes, but that didn't stop the kids from running around the field, playing tee-ball and catch. The parents lounged in the shade, understandably so. I think it was 93 degrees at lunch-time!

Brady was such a handsome birthday boy, sporting his Boston Red Sox outfit from Aunt Kelly in Maine. We had a special bib for him since he is still drooling uncontrollably. Yes, you read that right.... "Yankees YUCK!" We will forgive Uncle Ford for wearing his Yankee shirt and hat to the Red Sox party. Uncle Ford is a die hard Yankees fan... blasphemy in the LaPierre house! Can you tell by Brady's expression that he is utterly shocked??
We grilled hotdogs, had peanuts and cracker jacks and ice cold drinks. Brady was hungry and scarfed down two hotdogs (minus the buns). My sweet boy has yet to meet a food he doesn't like. I am extremely grateful for this because his sister is quite the opposite.

And then, the big moment. C-A-K-E! Chris made the cake and I decorated it. I was happy with the way it turned out! But Brady didn't care what it looked like.... just what it tasted like.

We are blessed beyond measure to have such great friends and family. Some co-workers brought their families, too. The Arnold family was there (with kids Anden and Cole), the Fiser family (with Jessica and Olivia), and the Fentress family (with Peter and Dorothy). Two of the three Stinsons were there. Rebecca and Brian were at home with their sweet newborn Sophie.

My sister, Trey and my angel niece Lauren drove down from Arkansas. My parents, Nina and Papa, were there.
And I honestly consider these next folks part of my family:

I'm sure you've heard the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child." I believe that! We have two kids and rely heavily on our "village" for support. I do have a hard time asking for help, but these people provide so much emotional help, and they love my kids as if they were their own.

So once again, Happy Birthday to my sweet boy!!! And Geaux Red Sox!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

One Year

One year ago today, our lives changed.... again. When Kennedy was born, we had no idea what we were doing. We were brand new parents without a clue. This time was completely different. I knew what to expect. I was prepared for the sleepless nights, poopy diapers, and the spit up.

But I wasn't emotionally prepared for the announcement that it was a boy. What a joyous moment for us. I had a scheduled c-section since I had a c-section with Kennedy. I went into the hospital very early that morning, dressed in my extremely attractive hospital gown, had my IV drip, and was ready to be wheeled in. Just a few hours later, I heard the gentle cry of a baby.....

The most memorable moment from the delivery was finding out that it was a boy. Chris, who was in the delivery room, had his mouth covered with a face mask for germ protection. All the doctors in the room had forgotten that I didn't know if it was a girl or boy. Chris was whispering what the baby was but with his mouth covered, I had no idea what he was saying. I kept looking at his face and saying, "What?? What is it??!!" After about three times of Chris whispering the news, the anesthesiologist said to the other doctors, "Would someone please tell her what the baby is???" Of course after hearing it was a boy, I burst into tears and thanked God for such a healthy baby boy... 8 lbs 11 oz of sweet boy.

It was an awesome moment and I just can't believe it's been a full year. Brady has been such a joy to watch change over the past year. He's starting to look more like a little boy and not a baby. I think boys look like toddlers faster than little girls.
So one year behind us, and I just know that it will keep getting better and better.

Happy 1st Birthday Brady!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Swimming Lessons

Bonus feature of our neighborhood: A POOL! Having a pool in the neighborhood is going to be great during our hot Louisiana summers. We will be able to walk over to the pool, take a dip, and then come home and not have to worry about the maintenance of having one in our backyard. Having our own pool just seems like a lot of work to me!

But before we can dive in, Kennedy needs to learn how to swim. She took swimming lessons when we lived in Plano, but hasn't taken them since. So we're a little behind, but I'm hoping with her being older, she'll retain it.
Unfortunately, my sweet baby girl (who is scared of everything) has been timid in the water. Even with floaties, she's scared. She started swimming lessons Monday and she seems to be responding very well to the lifeguard instructors. I think she listens to them better than she does to me. We go every night for two weeks straight and then hopefully she'll be more confident and at the very least, but able to dog paddle and not cling for dear life to me! I want her to have fun in the pool and not be so scared. We shall see!!

Why I blog a lot

My sister noticed that I am blogging a lot. Yes, I am addicted to blogging. But there is a reason behind it. After my friend DeAnn showed me her blog book, I squealed with excitement!


I used to keep a journal, but handwriting entries takes quite a bit longer. I can type very fast (thank you mom for MAKING me take typing in high school, against my will), so I'd much rather sit down at the computer, type up a quick entry in my "electronic journal" of sorts and then print a year's worth of entries in a book for my kids to read. They probably won't be interested in the stories until they're adults and have kids of their own, and that's okay. I know I would cherish any stories my mother had to share with me from my childhood. As it is today, we tell stories and look at photographs and reminisce. But in 30 or 40 years, I won't remember exactly every detail of the kids' birthday parties... or their first day in a new school... or any of the day-to-day stories that I recall on this blog.

And so I write.... and write... and write some more. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. And more importantly, I hope I am giving my kids and future grandkids a glimpse into my thoughts and feelings about anything and everything.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sunday .... Family Fun Day

I love Sundays. Absolutely... 100%.. LOVE Sundays. I get everything done I need to get done to prepare for the work week on Saturday. (...minus those last minute loads of laundry, of course). On Saturday, we run errands, we shop for groceries, have play dates, whatever it is that we need to do - we do it all... on Saturday.
Because on Sunday.... ohhhhh Sunday, how we love you.... we rest. We spend quality time together - just us four. We may not physically lay around all day (like Chris and I used to do before kids... THOSE were awesome Sundays), but we rejuvenate ourselves with activities that we don't have time for during the week.

As with most families these days, our weekday routines are pretty crazy. We rush around, work/school, eat on the go, quick bath time, read a book, throw the kids in the bed and then Chris and I veg out in front of the TV and practically shut off our brains. It's not a bad thing, it's just the way the weekdays happen. That's the life of two working parents. Don't get me wrong - we have a very good life! It's just hectic.

But on Sundays, we look like a different family! We rest our minds from television. We restore our energy for the week by playing games or riding bikes. We take a few minutes and make a batch of brownies. We snuggle (my favorite). Snuggling with the kids is one of my absolute favorite things to do. Rolling around on the floor with Chris and the kids is one of those activities that just totally renews my spirit.If the weather cooperates, we play love to play outside. I cook a family dinner. I really enjoy cooking, but it's hard to do with a near one-year-old who wants to eat the minute we walk in the door .... and a picky four-year-old. Since we have a little extra time on Sundays, I try to cook a real meal.

So Sunday, we love you. We miss you. We wish you would come around every other day or so because it's nice to just hang out with you. See you soon!

Sophie Amber Stinson

Four weeks early, but healthy as she can be! Sophie Amber Stinson made her entrance into this world last night and her momma was quite the trooper through 16 hours of labor! Rebecca and Brian couldn't be more in love with this sweet blessing, as all parents feel when they welcome a new baby into the world.
There is so much meaning behind this child. There is no doubt she will do great things.

Rebecca found out she was pregnant when Amber, her best friend, was going through her battle with cancer. Amber and Eric had been trying to get pregnant for a few years and were struggling with infertility. I don't know this for sure, but I can imagine it was a bitter sweet moment for Rebecca when she became pregnant when Amber could not.

Not too long after that, Amber passed away and Rebecca immediately knew that if she was going to have a baby girl, she wanted to name her Sophie Amber. So as a tribute to her friend, Rebecca and Brian's daughter has the most meaningful name. They asked Eric to be the godfather, another emotional part of this wonderful child's life.

I have no doubt that Amber is keeping an eye on this little one from up above.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Chore Chart Update

Week One: Very successful! Kennedy did a great job at completing five of the chores listed on her Chore Chart. I bought cute little teacher-like stickers for her to put in each square and it made it like a game for her.

This week, I am changing some of the chores because there are things that we cannot offer her everyday... like helping unload the dishwasher and folding laundry.

This week, we are going to add LISTENING! She is having a hard time with that right now and even though it's not a "chore" - we are going to make it one!! We are also adding "brush teeth in the morning."

Since she did complete five chores each day, she could either get $1 .... OR pick a goodie from the goodie bag (also known as Mommy's-Great-Finds-At-Dollar-Tree bag!). My baby girl loves a little trinket! She went straight for the bag.

Protecting the Earth

I will be the first to admit that I am not a tree hugger, but I am trying to do my part to conserve. We only have one planet, right?My parents have even gotten on the bandwagon. Shreveport offers curbside recycling and my mom is putting EVERYTHING in that bin. Yay mom! And her and my dad also drive Hybrid cars. Mom drives a Toyota Camry Hybrid. My dad drives a Tahoe Hybrid. It's funny because my dad makes it a competition for himself to see if he can get to work, to the store, anywhere, without the engine actually running. He tries to go entirely electric. He's so funny....

So I have decided that for every non-earth friendly act, I will do an earth-friendly act.

Non-earth friendly: My SUV. Chris bought me a Honda Pilot for my 30th birthday. I absolutely love it.

Earth-friendly: While I would much rather drive my big 'ol Pilot, when I don't have the kids to take to school (which is most of the time since Chris isn't traveling as much) - I drive the more gas-efficient 1997 Camry I had from college.

Non-earth friendly: I have electricity and air conditioning and love it, too. I did not build my house with solar-power or wind mills.

Earth friendly: We turn off all appliances, lights, fans, etc. when we're not using them. And during the day, we turn the AC up to 75.
Non-earth friendly: Recycling. Bossier doesn't have curbside recycling - booooo! When we lived in Plano, Texas - we had curbside recycling. It was awesome. I recycled everything! Newspapers, plastic bottles, cans, magazines. Our recycle bin was much heavier than our trash bin. But even if Bossier did have it, we live outside the city limits so that service would not be offered to us.

Earth-friendly: While I haven't come up with a complete recycling solution just yet - I do not buy bottled water. We drink filtered water from the tap and re-use any individual water bottles we do buy for water-on-the-go. And I take my daily Diet Dr. Pepper can into the office for the recycle bin in our building. All the cans collected are turned in and the money goes to athletic scholarships. Maybe I should consider bringing ALL my cans in? Hhhhmmmm....

Oh! And I also DO NOT use plastic bags at the grocery story. Even though it's a huge pain for the people behind the register at Wal-Mart, Target, wherever - I politely ask them to please use my recycle bags.
So I'm working on it... hope you are, too! It's our job to protect the earth!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Future Techster?

Summer Fun Run Series

Me and my awesome running friends are embarking on the extremely-hot-but-supposedly-fun Summer Fun Run Series put on by the Red River Road Runners. Susie, Ford and Eric ran this series last year, but I was on the verge of birthing a massive little baby (didn't know he was a boy) - so I missed out last year.

It's a series of 5K races every Thursday at 6:45 pm. Can you say H-O-T? Louisiana summers are brutal, so you can be sure that I will not be glistening; I will be sweating... profusely.
What's exciting about the series is that each week, the races rotate locations in Shreveport, a different park each week: Stoner Boat Launch, Ford Park, Bilberry Park, Bickham Dickson Park, Southern Hills, Mamie Hicks, Querbes Park, and Betty Virginia Park. Some of these parks I remember from growing up in Shreveport - but I've certainly never run through them.

I may prefer to run on a treadmill, in my air-conditioned gym, a fan blowing on my face, and at a pace I set (usually 5.4 to 5.6 miles an hour, 6.0 on a good song). BUT - I need to shake things up a little. So I am looking forward to the "tour" of Shreveport parks!

Cousins - same pint-sized kiddos

Brady was born in June of 2008. His cousin Lauren was born in August of 2007. Nearly one year apart.... and yet, they are the same size.
Brady looks perplexed by this news. Lauren looks shocked.Yes kiddos - you are the same size. Brady is a BIG boy... Lauren is a little girl. It's just how they're made ... and their mommas are just fine with it.

A New View...

Brady is a big boy. We knew that when he was born at 8 lbs and 13 oz. So with only a week left before he turns one, we decided to go ahead and turn him forward facing. His legs had to bend in his previous carseat because they hit the seatback. It was uncomfortable for him.

So this weekend, I bought him a new carseat and he is LOVING his new view. He seemed very confused at first... was very quiet while looking around.
Now he laughs and plays with his sister in the back seat. I can see his face in my rearview mirror, which is nice, so I can calm him down if he's fussy. Before I know it, I'll be getting him a booster seat like Kennedy!!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Getting ready to party!

The invitations are in the mail, the plans are made... and we can't wait to celebrate Brady's first birthday!

The guest of honor will be wearing authentic Boston Red Sox gear, thanks to his Aunt Kelly. Our boy LOVES food, so I have no doubt that cake will be smeared across his face for that typical 1st birthday photo.

We cannot wait!