Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Valentine's Day -- in my humble opinion -- is a commercial holiday where retailers want you to buy expensive cards, chocolate, gifts, flowers, dinner, wine, etc...etc...

I'm NOT against a day showing love... I just think that I should be doing the very best I can to show/tell my loved ones how I feel every day.

So Chris and I do small things for the kids, like putting love notes on their doors while they're sleeping:

(Kennedy's door)

(Brady's door)

...and they each got a sweet shirt to wear today. They had heart-shaped cinnamon rolls, school parties, and ate candy and goodies until they had upset tummies.

(Kennedy and his Valentine, Aubrey)

(Kennedy and Kaitlin)


As for me and Chris --- we had an uneventful evening. We wrote each other love notes and lounged on the couch an watched TV. Pure bliss. :)

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