Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Tale of Two Toenails

Remember my race a few weeks ago? Four weeks to be exact. Well it was, as I have previously written, my third half marathon in a year.
And yes, I enjoyed training for it with my friend Daniel, who had never done a half marathon before, and my usual running buddies Chris, Susie, Deni, Ford, and Eric.

BUT... I had the same problem this race as I did the previous one in Memphis. I get blisters under my big toenails and then they decide to fall off! Last time, the nail wasn't attached anywhere except at the cuticle area. I eventually had to just cut them off. No pain, people! Just sweet relief because I could wear closed-toe shoes again.

Well, as I suspected when my nails began to feel strange a day or two after the race - I had blisters under my nails. But this time, since we are quickly approaching flip flop weather, I was determined to keep the nails.

Who wants to see funky toes without nails in the summer?

But after snagging my nail in Kennedy's room one night while reading her a book, I realized that they could not be salvaged. If you get queasy at the sight of strange things, don't scroll down. My feet!??!

I will be forced to paint my nail bed and hope that no one notices. My friend did send me a link to a place where you can buy press on nails for your toes! Hahahaha!

After a four-week running hiatus, I decided that it was time to lace up again. Off I went on a nice and easy four miles.

The good news: my toes didn't feel a thing.

The bad news: I am REALLY sore. I won't be training for a long distance race for a while. In the meantime, me and my toenail-less toes will enjoy the short distances.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What is that floating in the tub!?

This day should be marked in history as a VERY gross day in my son's life. Today, Brady decided it was a good day to poop in the tub. Yes... yucky... I know. But I've come to realize that my son is NOT the delicate flower that my daughter is. He does things that boys do... and I am adjusting accordingly. He's much rougher, hits people and things with bats... he throws books, he'll hit the dogs if I'm not looking.

Here's how it happened. Kennedy and Brady still take baths together. Look people - don't judge. I'm doing the best I can to make sure they're both cleaned each night, so ONE bath makes it easier. I'm sure they'll separate soon, especially since Kennedy is starting to point to some of Brady's "business." Anyway, she had already gotten out of the tub and I was drying her off. Brady was still playing in the tub... and was strangely quiet. I looked over to find his face BEET red and he was holding his breathe and .... YUP... you guessed it! The second I realized what he was doing, a nice little floater popped up out of the bubbles. I had to get him out of the tub before he reached for it because... THAT'S WHAT BOYS DO!

Goodness gracious.... this is going to be an interesting ride!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Crazy busy

I have been neglecting my blog.... I know. But I'm not sure I could squeeze out another thing in my schedule. I HAVE to sleep sometime! I know moms don't usually get much sleep, but I become a zombie after having anything less than 6 or 7 hours a night.

So here's what has consumed me late: The class I'm taking for grad school this semester is taking a LOT more time than my first semester. Last semester was Renaissance Literature. This semester: Organizational Communication. Not hard, but a lot of reading and research required! My research topic is comparing General Motors and Toyota's response to crisis and to determine who is winning the public relations war. It's a lot of fun, but I just wish I had more time to devote to it. On TOP of that, my paying job has been brutal! Not an exaggeration, simple truth. I was put in charge of editing all the content for our university's website. Uh, yeah. I thought the same thing. WHAT!??! How can one person do this, you ask? Not sanely... that's for sure. Our university website has 6,000 pages. Each section of the site has a spreadsheet which shows all the pages needed. (Note: I am TRYING to consolidate!! But convincing professors - who write thousands of words in a single sitting - is way more difficult than I anticipated). So while most days offer me a little downtime - that is not happening these days. Most nights, I am sitting in front of the TV with my laptop open either working or researching for class.

At home, Chris is settling into his new position quite nicely. He's traveling less (yay!)...but if I'm being completely honest - I wish I was the one who was working from home. I'd have time to cook more, pick up the kids from school. Yes, I'm old fashioned. Mom should be at home, not dad. But I'm grateful that someone is here so that the kids can be picked up early and dinner is always started by the time I walk in. Really, I'm very lucky.

Oh - and one more thing. I'm in love...... with spring! The kids are playing outside (without breaking a sweat), drinking lemonade on the porch, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, soccer.... SO much fun. It lifts my spirit in so many ways and seeing my children smile and laugh makes all the madness of work and school fade away.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not dead....

I have been so..... so.... SO busy lately! An update in 25 words or less.

Chris and I celebrated our anniversary.

My sister turned 30.

Spring has sprung = fantastic weather!

Kids are happy.

And I am BURIED under work and my grad school research.

I will return, soon I hope!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mardi Gras 1/2 Marathon.... again

One year ago, I finished my first 1/2 marathon in New Orleans, one of the greatest cities I've even been to. We loved it so much that this year, me and my friends decided to run it again. These people are my running family. We keep an eye out for each other on the course. We have really fast ones (Ford finished in UNDER two hours) and we have some slow ones (several of us finished around 2:45), but we're all running because we love it. Most of us just run 1/2 marathons, but we have a few that are even crazier and run full marathons.

And these distance runs are extremely challenging. You spent months training for them. You learn to hydrate; you learn stretches and pacing.... It takes discipline, which I have sometimes... and sometimes not. But these friends made it fun!
And this picture means so much to me. Daniel, who calls me his running big sis, decided to begin training for this half marathon after I harassed him (just a little). I knew he could do it... he just needed a little push. And he did it! I am so proud of him!!
After running three 1/2 marathons in one year, this mama is tired. VERY tired. Chris has run three, too. We ran Nashville together last year and New Orleans this weekend. He ran the Rock to Victory last year in March, which was his first race. My first was New Orleans 2009.

Now that I have three medals under my belt, I think I am going to take a distance running sabbatical. Don't get me wrong... I really enjoy running, but it takes months to train for a race and graduate school takes up the little free time that I have. I'll continue to run, but only focus on shorter distances for a while. One day, I will run a full marathon......