Friday, December 31, 2010

Reflections on 2010.....

I blinked and this year was over.

I remember last New Years Eve - getting ready to go to Eric's house for a small get together of friends. We called it "Let the Games Begin in 2010." It was a low-key, wine-drinking, Wii-playing kind of night.... :)
That was before Eric and Leann were married. Now they're happily hitched with a baby boy on the way, due in February.

It's funny how much can change in a year. Last year, Brady was a tiny little one year old. (Okay, wait.... he's never really been tiny). Now, he's talking more, loves to count, point out colors, and regularly asks to "talk a Nina" on the phone.

Kennedy was a pip squeak in kindergarten. Now, she's a sassy first grader who I can tell is going to give me a run for my money. Her sass can only be matched by her mama... and that's the problem. She's a mini-me. Yikes. Jumping shirtless on the neighbor's trampoline.... taking a quick squat to pee in the field next to our next door neighbor's house... these are things you don't expect a six year old to do. Yet sweet Kennedy has shamelessly done both these things.
Chris got a promotion this year... And I took a completely different job working from home so I could have more time and be involved with the kids and their schools. It's been a very busy year and I expect it to only get busier in 2011 with sooooooooooooo many babies being born.

We'll get a new addition to the Skinner family..... NO, NOT ME!! My sister is having another little girl. And I'm getting my very own adhoc goddaughter when Susie and Ford welcome a little girl from Columbia to their family.
Lots to look forward to next year!

As far as 2010 goes, it was a very good year. The hardest part was losing my sweet puppy Roscoe. I think of him often and even tear up every once in a while thinking of all that we had been through together. But with the addition of Zoe, life goes on in our house. Our family has completely fallen in love with her.
Overall, we were extremely blessed this year. I am thankful for my healthy family, fantastic friends, good jobs for me and Chris, two entertaining and lively kids, and the most loving husband a girl could ask for....


Saturday, December 18, 2010

My heart is already warm.

This morning, we are on our way to do one of my favorite things as part of the holiday season. We are delivering a box of food to a family in need. We did this last year as part of The Simple Church missions, which is Chris' volunteer job at church.

So we're pulling into line to get our address for the delivery and I said, "Oh... This just warms my heart!"

Kennedy's response: "My heart is already pretty warm."

We all laughed so hard. And then, just when I think she doesn't "get it" -- she takes put her coin purse, pulls out $2 and says she wants to give the family some of her money.

I love how big her heart is.......

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


With the inspiration of my nanny in mind (my great-grandmother on the Gardner side of my family) -- I taught myself how to crochet. ((Okay, okay. That sounds like I just figured it out on my own. I watched YouTube repeatedly!!))

One of my favorite blankets is an afghan that my Nanny made. And since my mom won't hand it over, I decided to learn how to make my own treasures. But before plunging into a massive blanket, I started small. A tiny scarf.

I picked the perfect shade of purple yarn for my sweet girl. When she realized I was making her a scarf, she squealed in excitement! She asked everyday if it was ready. Finally last weekend, I finished it. She wore it around the house that morning, but when we were finally ready to leave for church -- she didn't have it on. I asked why she wasn't wearing it, she replied very matter-of-factly... "I just don't want to."

So much for the excitement.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It's been way too long --AGAIN -- since I've written here. I only thought I would have more time with my new adventure. Unfortunately, I am busier and more stressed. I am hoping that once I really settle in - it will be calmer. The thing about sales is that when I'm not working, I'm not getting paid. Soooo -- I work ... constantly. At a salary job, it's no big deal to take a break, have a few slow days.... no biggie cause the checks keep coming. Ha!

Thanksgiving flew by and now we're just a few week from Christmas.

This is my favorite picture from Thanksgiving. All the grandbabies. :)

Our house is decorated and ready for the holidays.

And we started the Elf on the Shelf tradition this year. "Sparkie" has been hiding all over the house!

Oh... And I taught myself how to crochet.

Just the usual insanity!!!! :)

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