Monday, February 14, 2011

Monkey on My Back...

There are very few disadvantages to working from home. VERY few...

But I will say that when there's a "snow" day - the work goes on for me. We've had two already this year in Louisiana (insert laughter from my Maine family)! Usually it's just icy, but as you saw already from the previous pictures - there really was snow accumulation on the ground. And around here, if there's anything in the ground - school is closed.

So imagine the "fun" I had trying to work with two kids at home.

At one point, I gave up trying to talk on the phone and just answered emails, but this cute little visitor kept coming back.

So - I flipped on the web cam:

Adorable? Yes.

Distracting? You bet.

But absolutely hysterical.....

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Poetry Contest

My heart is exploding with pride this morning. My sweet baby girl got up in front of the ENTIRE 1st grade, including parents, and recited a poem for the American Heritage Poetry Contest. Did I mention she had to MEMORIZE it?

I bought her a Betsy Ross costume, for a little extra flair. She did an AMAZING job!!! I couldn't be more proud of her!

Right before the assembly started -- I went over to her seat, gave her a quick hug and "good luck"... and she looked at me and said, "Mama - I'm not even nervous!" :)

Here it is on YouTube...

It's not important that she won in her class. What's important to me is that she put I'm the work to memorize it and marched up on that stage, grabbed the microphone and said her poem in front of hundreds of people.

Yay Kennedy!

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Sunday, February 6, 2011


I love naps.


Truly love. Particularly Sunday naps. After church... and snuggling with Kennedy.

I always feel rested after I wake up. When Chris travels, I don't get enough sleep (mainly because I don't like to go to bed without him, so I stay up way too late)...

Chris sets me up with my favorite pillows and my ultimate favorite blanket (a quilt I quietly took from my mom's house that I always snuggled with when I was a kid. Shhhh! Don't tell her I have it!!) He closes the blinds, turns on the fan, tucks me in, and I settle in for the ultimate Sunday event.

So why, I ask, do I always feel so guilty? This is my thought process:

"I want to lay down. I reeeeeeeally want to sleep, especially with my blanket. Gosh - I kinda feel bad about taking that blanket. Nah. I don't really. I love it. But, I should be doing other stuff around the house -- like laundry, working on getting more business, picking up all the toys in the living room. Or I could be crocheting. I have Kennedy's blanket to finish, Brady's blanket to start. I really shouldn't nap..."

Guilt. A mother's guilt is non-stop. Chris has to *make* me lay down. I don't think I would lay down if he didn't make me. I'm so glad he does. It makes me feel just a *little* less guilty. :)

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Snow Day!!!

For the second time this year, we had a snow day in Louisiana. This go 'round, we got several inches and it was enough to actually play in it!! As long as I lived in Maine - I don't remember building a snowman. But yesterday -- I built a Louisiana snowman!

The kids helped for a little while, but lost interest and went in the yard to do their own thing.

It was a fantastic day filled with lots of special treats......

....and snuggles to keep warm...

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