Sunday, April 17, 2011


What an awesome weekend.

Mudbugs game with the whole family. Yard work. Church. Pizza night. Snuggles. All just what we needed to recover from a hard week.

By far -- the Mudbugs game was the best. Brady was amazed with all the action on the ice. He cheered, danced during the music, and -- on a hysterical note -- was frozen in fear of the giant mascots walking around the stands.

Chris tried to explain the game to Brady.... the first of MANY sports talks. So all weekend, Brady kept saying, "We go see 'hawwww-keeee' game!!!"

And what's a "hawwww-keee" game without concession stand food??

Oh... and Kennedy learned a new word at the game.


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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Falling in love with Brady

Tonight was one of those nights where I looked at my sweet son and absolutely fell in love again.

After a nice walk around the neighborhood where we pointed out ducks, a ladybug, and a huge dog like Marmaduke -- it was bath time and then snuggle time.

I crawled in bed with my sweet little man and we started our normal routine. Brady requested his usual song - Old MacDonald - and we sang together.

And then, as we laid there nose to nose, I asked Brady if he knew who loved him. He quietly said, "Mommy!!" I asked if he thought mommy loved him a little bit or a whole lot. His eyes got really big and in his sweet voice, he said "A whole LOT, mommy!!"

We laid there with our faces right next to each other and whispered how much we love each other.... until my angel fell asleep. After he dozed off, I laid there with him breathing on my cheek and watched him sleep.... and I fell in love again.

It was by far the highlight of my day.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Things Kennedy says....

My daughter is HYSTERICAL. She says some of the funniest things and has been this mini-comedian since she could talk. Ok. So it's not as much "humor" as it is adorable silliness.

Today -- she was full of one liners.

1. "Mommy -- I'm not mad at you, but I have to tell you that you accidentally just littered..."

2. "Mommy? If I sang like this - would you think it's beautiful? LA LA LA LA LA LAAAAAAA!"
Me: "Yes honey. You always sing beautiful. It's different, but beautiful."
K: "I think it's attractively wonderful."

3. "Momma -- my friend says S-L-U-T isn't really a bad word."
Me: "Oh YES! Yes it is, missy. We do NOT use that word under any circumstances."
K: "....oh..." (she pauses and thinks for a second. "Ok. Then how about we list all the bad words we know? You go first!"

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Soccer team!

Go Pink!!! :)

Kennedy has loved playing spring soccer this year. She wants to play again in the fall. So glad she's enjoyed it!

And Coach Brian has been awesome!

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Brady and his shenanigans...


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Quiet time

I am sitting in the living room, alone without a single sound except the hum if the refrigerator in the kitchen. Brady is napping (against his will); Kennedy is playing outside; Chris is in New Orleans for his birthday/golf trip. The dryer just buzzed loudly that my sheets are done, but instead of jumping up to put them back on the bed -- I am sitting here.... in the cool, quiet room... sun shining through the windows, Zoe at my feet. And for once, I am enjoying this.

I hate to sit still. I don't really like the quiet either. I'd rather have the TV on, my computer in my lap, kids playing around me -- I just like activity in general. I like to be busy ALL.THE.TIME. Today was no exception....

7:00 am -- Brady up
7:30 -- start packing "stuff" for K's 10 am soccer game
8:00 -- shower for Mom while B plays (Would have skipped shower but didn't get one yesterday....AND B comes in bathroom and starts banging on the shower door. Yay me!)
8:30 -- breakfast for B while I dry hair
9:00 -- pack car, pick up K who spent the night at a friend's house
9:15 -- head to soccer park, but tank on empty. Fill up QUICKLY!
10:00 -- soccer game + one trip to the potty + one trip back to car for K's Gatorade.
11:00 -- game over. Our team won! Everyone's hungry....
11:30 -- Lunch at Cane's
12:00 -- Need a few things. Stop at Target. Brady's impossible to manage at this point. Pop his hiney at least twice. Threaten many more.
1:00 -- home, unload soccer stuff, lawn chairs, groceries. Unload bags inside. Kennedy darts outside to play. Brady pitches a royal fit when I tell him he needs to nap.

So it makes sense why today, as I juggle entirely too many things, I am enjoying the silence. Because I'm sure ANY minute now -- a kid will need something........

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