Saturday, January 22, 2011

Girls and make-up

What are Saturday afternoons good for?

Nail polish.... And make-up.... And hair spray .... And lotion... And perfume... And lots and lots of giggles.

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Things Kennedy says....

Typically, my "Things Kennedy Says" posts are funny. She is hysterical and says the funniest things.

But this morning on the way to the Upward basketball game where Kennedy cheers, she completely caught me off guard.

Here is the conversation in the back seat between Kennedy and Skylar:

S: "Where is your dad?"

K: "He's in Mexico."

S: "Why? What's he doing there?"

K: "He's giving stuff to the kids there. They don't have much stuff."

S: "Is he giving it or selling it?"

K: "He's GIVING it. I love my daddy. He helps the world."

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Year with Zoe

It has been a year since Zoe was dropped off at our house for a trial run week. I think it's safe to say she's a LaPierre now.

It took a few months to adjust to her extreme hyper activity, but it turns out -- puppy Prozac is just what she needed! (Don't we all need a little Prozac every now and then!?)

She still has moments of pure insanity..... But Kennedy adores her. Her friends have taken a liking to her, too.

Yes - she annoys Brady every now and then when he wants "Zoe off couch, mommy!" But he loves on her and gives her scraps of food off the dinner table when Chris isn't looking....

And yes - she may follow me everywhere I go around the house... (and I mean everywhere!! Bathroom, office, upstairs, kitchen... She must be by my side if I'm moving around) BUT -- can you resist that face?

And when I finally settle down at night, she nestles in for a nap.

Or maybe sprawls out on the floor showing off her "fine China."

No matter how you look at it -- we are so happy to have Zoe in our family.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Honor Roll

Straight A's!! My sweet girl is so smart. She may be a sassy little thing, but she can buckle down and get serious when she wants to. She was honored at school today for her second nine week report card of all A's AND she met her Accelerated Reader goal. That means she read a predetermined number of books, took a test on each book, and accumulated the points to reach her goal!

And to celebrate -- I took her to her favorite ice cream shop for a scoop. What good is a free coupon if you don't use it right away, right?

The funniest thing is she picked a flavor called "Love Potion #31"... it was filled with raspberry flavors and chocolate chips.

As she devoured it on the way home, my witty little daughter looked at me with love in her eyes and said, "Oh yeah. This love potion is definitely working on me! ....... Wait, what IS a love potion?"

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