Thursday, October 20, 2011

103 pairs of shoes

103 pairs of shoes. That's how many Kennedy and I collected for our annual Birthday Project.

I am so proud of her for *finally* embracing the idea to include a charity/community project with our birthdays. I think having me collect shoes with her helped. I also think spending time with The Hub's Family Serve project helped her realize that there REALLY are people who don't have homes, clothes, shoes, food, etc.

(I think she thought I was making it up...)

Rather than mail these shoes, we decided to put them to good use in our own community. On Thanksgiving weekend, The Hub hosts a meal for the homeless and we are giving to let them pick out some shoes.

I hope it goes smoothly... she is such a sensitive soul and I truly hope Kennedy can be filled with joy giving to others through all her hard work.

I am SO proud of her. :)

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Grandma Faye

She is 86 years old... and for the past 30 years, life has been tough. Just when her and grandpa were getting ready to enjoy retirement -- life was turned upside down. Both of them were shot... Grandpa in the face.... Grandma in the neck and arm. It was a horrible experience for our family.

The injuries to my grandpa would eventually lead to his death, but it took 15 years for him to succumb to them. He was never the same after the shooting and grandma, after recovering from her injuries, would spend the next 15 years taking care of him.

Taking care of one of my kids when they're sick for a few days is exhausting. So I cannot fathom spending 15 years doing that.

After his death, she eventually moved into a patio home and spent her days visiting with neighbors, going to church functions, and trying to make the most of her time. She even dated a couple of men. But after her favorite guy, her dancing partner, passed away -- Grandma started to slip into a dark place. Soon, her health began to slip... Alzheimer's set in... she began to lose weight... And it seemed as though her time of true joy was coming to an end.

On a routine doctor's visit about a month ago, she casually mentioned to her doctor a knot in her chest that had been bugging her. Breast cancer.

Cancer has NEVER been a part of our family history, so we were all quite shocked. Unfortunately, chemotherapy or radiation are not an option for her because of her frailty. She is taking a drug that is supposed to slow the growth of the lemon-size tumor, but that's all that can be done.

PET scan results are due back this week to show exactly where the cancer has spread. We haven't been given a timeline, but no matter if it's next were or next year -- I hate to see her suffer..AGAIN. Her doctor says this will not be an easy road and she will likely not die peacefully in her sleep. For a woman who has been in emotional pain for the last three decades, I truly wish..PRAY.. that this would not be difficult for her.

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